Flag Football Registration Pack

Flag Football Registration Pack


Katy Elite Bears is dedicated to building future athletes from local area youth with character and confidence by providing fun, safe, and competitive sports programs. Our football program is ranked one of the best in the Katy.

Registrations: $150
Mandatory Fundraising: $100
Helmet $35
Practice Jersey: $15
TYFA $20




My child will participate in at least one our fundraising throughout the 2018 season in order to maintain our competitive fee structure. Every family registered with the KATY ELITE BEARS ORGANIZATION is expected to participate in our fundraising efforts.

I choose to participate in KEB’s Mandatory fundraising raffle by purchasing $100 in raffle tickets at the time of fundraiser. *A non-compliance penalty will apply.

I choose to buy out and pay to KATY ELITE BEARS $50 due at the time of registration on member dashboard.

*Please note non-compliance can result in any or all of the following consequences: unable to compete until all fees are paid, no uniform distribution until all fees are paid or suspension from the KATY ELITE BEARS Club until all fees are paid.